Quality Laptops For All

Everyone deserves to receive a fully-functional, long lasting laptop, especially at the prices many laptops can cost. However, customers are often let down by lax quality control, unreliable components, and overall poor designs.

We're here to help.
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Global Services

Buying a laptop outside of the US can be quite the hassle. Luckily, we're here to support you through the process. Our goal is to make purchasing a laptop as simple as possible without the worry of a defective product. After all, returns and exchanges internationally can get quite expensive fast. No more hassle!


Tweaks and Modifications

If needed or requested, we'll take steps to improve any laptop for a customer. Some laptops require hardware modification due to poor design choices, be it in the hinges, airflow, or even thermal paste. We'll make these changes for you and even offer a warranty for it all! Plus, we offer a free repaste for all laptops!


Strict Quality Checks

We won't sell a laptop to a customer if it fails to meet our standards - simple as that. Here at Atlas, we pride ourselves in selling only high quality devices we stand behind. We won't send a laptop that fails our testing to ensure you get the best, fully functional laptop you want. Returns will be a thing of the past!

Global Services

If you're outside of the United States, it used to be difficult to get your hands on the latest laptops. Plus, if the laptop shows up defective, it can be difficult to get it fixed. Luckily, Atlas is here to solve these problems.

From extensive Quality Control checks to in-depth component testing, your laptop will arrive in perfect, working condition - or your money back.
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Leave retail to us.

Instead of dealing with the hassle of exchanges, returns, and customer service yourself, we'll do it for you. All you need to do is pay upfront for the laptop! Our team will follow up with you once everything is ready. We'll even have the device exchanged or repaired if it doesn't meet our standards before sending it to you. If you run into an issue covered under the manufacturer's warranty, just ship it to us and we'll exchange your laptop!


We're here to help.

If you ever find yourself stuck, unsure, or just curious about our services, let us know! Plus, if you have any questions, concerns, or special accomodations you'd like us to make, we'll be happy to serve you. We'll be sharing updates with you throughout the order process, so watch your email! Plus, if you run into any issues post-sale, we'll gladly assist you via video calls or an instant messaging service.


Customization? You got it.

Want to make sure your parts will work in your laptop before shipping it all the way to your country? Feel free to chat with us before making your purchase. We'd also be happy to order any custom parts for installation before we ship it off to you. Just let us know! We've got the skills to install various different components in a laptop of your choice. We install custom display panels, RAM, storage devices, Wi-Fi cards, and more.

These services aren't just for international customers - we offer this to US customers too!

Interested in buying a laptop through us? Check out our list of approved laptops for order with the link below!

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Our Standards

Some might say our standards are too high. We think they're just right. After all, high standards mean high quality products.
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What are Atlas's Standards?

To be frank, it's not super simple to explain. However, when it's ready, we will have our checklist and procedures published publicly here. For the time being, you should familiarize yourself with the LQCG's standards to get a sense of what we mean. Our standards will be fairly similar in criteria and strictness.

For a basic idea, we'll be checking for a few main things. Firstly, we'll be ensuring that all input devices operate as expected and reliably. We'll be checking for any sort of display defects, squeaky keys, clunky trackpads, and more. Next, we have our internal analysis. In many cases, this involves reviewing a maintance manual, reviewing a teardown video, or even tearing the product down to its components for an engineering review if needed. If the laptop passes this step, we'll continue on to a performance check to ensure the device is not overheating and meeting expectations for the components. Plus, we'll spend some running extended tests on the device to ensure stability and otherwise expected behavior. Essentially, if the laptop is behaving perfectly, it'll be shipped off to you. Adjustments will be made if needed.

We should have a video soon breaking down what we check for. Stay tuned for that on the codeHusky YouTube Channel.

Need Help?

If you're looking to make an order, please contact us at [email protected] We have a non-exhaustive list of laptops available for order here. If you need help with an existing order, please contact us at [email protected] Alternatively, you can reach out via our Official Discord! Thanks!
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